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Clash Royale is a game that was released for all smartphones, Tabs and computers in 2016. After the immense success bagged by the previous game Clash of clans by Supper Cell, they have released this game. Expect loads of fresh and new ideas in this Clash Royale and it is definitely as exciting as Clash of clans. This game is a freemium concept one. All you got to do is grab your phone and go to play store or i store to download this game for free. After downloading, start your battle to hit the enemy towers and claim your victory.

Updates about the Clash Royale game:

There were many hot news propping up now and then about  Clash Royale for the updates installed in time to time manner. Many users were not happy with the updates as they feel that the game have turned worse with these updates. The price of tournaments are too high and it is tough to achieve legendary cards. But FreeCell came up with few improvements in September which looks interesting to users. The updates are, entering a tournament was made easy by simply hitting on new challenges, paying 500 gems for a tournament got decreased to 10 gems and four new cards are introduced. Many issues got fixed and the game got its charm back.

Clash Royale Chests:

When someone utters the word “Treasure Chests”, your eyes would be filled with the sight of loads of flashy golds and precious gems filled in a wooden box. Clash Royale Chests would never be an exception for this. This most important and valuable resource of this game Clash Royale provides glittery gems, golds and card upgrades. It would definitely be a fantastic ladder to climb on which helps you to get into your game’s next levels easily by improving your deck and defeating your opponents .

Clash Royale Gems Hack:

Gems are indeed precious and of more value in this game. But, to get gems easily in game is not possible and that is the reason there are many Clash Royale Gems Hack available to provide you unlimited gems. These websites often advertise that they provide free and instant gems that can be added to your Clash Royale account.

Free Clash Royale Gems:

Why do we need Free Clash Royale Gems in this free to download game? Is the main question that arises.  It is true that game is free but to speed up things or to progress soon, you would be compelled to crumple your wallet. The in app purchases are quiet pricey, if you are not ready to pay then obtaining Free Clash Royale Gems from these Hack tools is the other option.

Advantages of the Clash Royale gems hack

There are many advantages when you use these hack tools to generate free gems

  • First and foremost is they give out these gems for absolutely no cost and hence saves your money.
  • It saves you lots of time, why because you would not constantly wait for your belongings to level up or upgrade. Instead, you can spend your time in engaging yourself in battling your enemies and defeat them.
  • You can never run out of resources as these hack tools constantly give out free gems round the clock.
  • Finally, it makes the game easier to play and win the title with your account loaded with free and unlimited gems.

Which Clash Royale Gems generator to choose?

Clash Royale Gems generators generate free gems for you. There are lots of generators available online which claim that they give out free gems for this game. But, you need to do a little research of which one is valid tool and pick that to generate the gems for you. Make sure to check that the generator is offering only valid and 100 percent working codes. Also it needs to be safe to use, since some might be a spam and install virus in your device. They should have new proxy system installed in their tool so that your account should remain safe and should not get banned. An initial trial should have been conducted by the hack tool to check whether these codes work on all platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.

Last but not least, the Clash Royale Gems generator should be easy to use with an interface which is pretty simple and basic for everyone to understand. Also, the free gems generated should be added to your account instantly without any delay. Some tool might ask you to fill surveys endlessly and will never lead you to the gems page, it is better to avoid these kinds of tools and opt for the ones that give out the gems immediately.

How do these free Clash Royale Gems generator works?

A program that is packed with bundle of algorithm that tricks the the game server and shows as if you have paid for the account. The server receives the signal as if you have already paid for the gems and give out the gems to your account. This is how the Clash Royale Gems generator works. You have not paid even a single penny still you would be getting gems to progress fast in your game. These tools would normally don’t generate gold and only give out gems but you can exchange your gems inside the game.

General tips

As a general rule, be patient and wait for your enemy to attack first meanwhile let your elixir gets charged. This helps you to plan a better defence mechanism as you would have gained a exposure of how your enemy releases his warriors.  Try to always have a strategy than rather battling without any plans. Cards are limited to 8 so carefully choose the ones that would be more beneficial to you. Engaging in more battles will help you to learn the tactics of the game and also gives you more practice. Aim the castle to destroy in order to achieve guaranteed victory.

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