Clash royale cheats

 Supercell is the producer and publisher of this freemium strategy game on mobile, called Clash Royale. As you can guess from the name, the game is all about fighting between clans and capturing the crown. The game is a combination of different gaming strategies and modes like defending towers, online battle with other players and collectible cards. The game was first released in the year 2016 and is quite compatible on both iOS and Android platforms.

How is the game played?

The game was a hot selling one on the day of its release. There are multiple levels to cross and different trophies to win for you as a player.  There are also arenas to participate in online battle. The game has a total of 13 levels with ten arenas distributed between the levels.  There is also a training camp for the players to train and make some points. Every battle is considered to result in victory for your side, if you can destroy more towers of your enemy than what you lose or if you can destroy the “King’s tower” of your enemy. The latter will earn you three “crown victory.” Every game begins with the player being given a hand of 4 cards from a deck of 8. These cards can be used to either attack or defend as you deem fit in the situation.

What do you need to play?

There are multiple items in the game that help you to move forward or to play your hand. The key elements are,

  1. Elixir: This is imminent for playing a card. The elixir is automatically replenished in your stock every 2.8 seconds. For every card, you need a certain amount of elixir to play, whether you attack or defend. The 2.8 seconds that you wait for the elixir can be quite precious as you give your opponent enough time to make their move.
  2. Gems: These can be used for purchasing more cards or gold or chests from the game. These gems are part of the winner’s chests. Again the chests are awarded every time you win a battle and depending on the kind of chest you have, it will take you that amount of time to unlock them. For instance, a silver chest will take 3 hours to unlock while an epic chest will take 12 hours. There are also legendary and super magical chests that can take nearly 24 hours to unlock.
  3. Chests: While these do not directly help you win battles, these chests carry gems, gold and cards that can help you to move forward. There are chests awarded for free every 4 hours to the players. There are also chests to be won by the end of every battle.

There are also tournaments, a feature that gets unlocked in the 8th level where you can win tournament chests. Apart from the above main elements, there are also trophies that is required for you to battle in the arena, cards that help you to move forward by attacking or defending and gold which can be used for purchase of items like cards and chests.

How to make gems or cards or chests?

The Clash Royale is a game with a backdrop of the medieval age where instead of moving troops you will be playing a hand of cards to win over your opponent. Making cards or gems or chests or any other items in the game requires you to actively participate in the game and win battles.

  • There are challenges like a Grand challenge and Classic challenge. Each of them costs you 100 gems and 10 gems respectively to enter. A win in these challenges can help you gain 2000 gold to 22000 gold along with 100-1000 cards depending on the challenge you have won.
  • The other alternative is to of course buying them using real money from the game store.
  • You can also form clans which will help you to take assistance of your fellow clan members to get the cards you need.
  • Last but definitely not the least is to make use of the Clash Royale cheat codes.

Clash Royale cheats

In a game that is all about having the best and most resources, Clash Royale Cheats are your easiest and fastest way to gain access to the best features and to move forward in the game. They help you manage your account, win your battles and help you to improve your game. With Clash Royale cheats, you get,

  1. Unlimited gold and gems to unlock your chests immediately.
  2. Unlimited elixir so there is no stopping you from moving your card.
  3. Unlimited cards to build your unbeatable deck and win more battle.
  4. No waiting time to open your chests and beat your opponent.

Why to use the Clash Royale cheats?

People have been spending time and effort to get their hands on the resources much needed for their victory in this game of royalty clash. The same has been made easy with the Clash Royale cheat codes. Apart from giving you unlimited access to the multiple resources in the game, the Clash Royale cheats are also powerful for they,

  1. Are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms where you can play the game.
  2. Are not required to be downloaded saving you the hassle of spending valuable space on your device.
  3. Are completely tested for any ban issues and hence will keep you saved using proxy protection to continue playing.
  4. Are free, fast and completely reliable.
  5. Are easy to use with an ergonomic user interface.

How to enter cheat codes in Clash Royale?

The Clash Royale cheats will help you in two ways.

  1. Where you enter the number of gems or gold or cards you want and the same gets added to your account once you provide the necessary information.
  2. Where you are given a code to use which you can enter into your game.

Thanks to the Clash Royale Cheats, you can completely dominate the game and win it over royally!